Christian Counseling Discipleship- Warner Robins/Kathleen - Maureen De Jonge, RN, MA, LPC
Give your marriage the tools it needs to be happy & healthy!
The tough reality is that an estimated 45-50% of first marriages and 60-75% of remarriages end in divorce.  In spite of that, the good news is that there is much a couple can do to have a successful, satisfying relationship.
For couples who are engaged or considering becoming engaged, research has shown that quality, premarital preparation can reduce the likelihood of divorce by more than 30%.  Not only do these couples avoid divorce, they also report higher relational happiness, higher commitment levels, and reduced conflict.
The PREPARE premarital preparation program has been used for over 30 years, by over 2.5 million couples worldwide.  It is tailor-made for each couple, easy to use, fun, and provides a wealth of information every couple needs to know before getting married.  Each partner takes the customized, online assessment.  As a certified facilitator, I will share the results, highlighting both strength and growth areas.  Together, in session, we'll discuss the results and then practice specifically chosen, relationship-building exercises.  It is a relaxed, fun process that generally requires 6 sessions.  Each couple receives a 10-page summary of their assessment results.
The ENRICH online assessment and follow-up counseling is very similar to PREPARE, but designed for use by married couples, as a Marital Health Checkup.  Each season of marriage has its own unique challenges.  ENRICH provides a wonderful means for ongoing growth, enrichment, and skill-building for couples throughout their marriage. 
For more information on PREPARE/ENRICH, you can go to their website,
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