Christian Counseling- Warner Robins/Kathleen - Maureen De Jonge, MA, LPC, and Shelley Spivey, MA, MFT
Some seasons in life are especially tough...
          Real Hope Counseling would like to help.
Are you in the midst of a painful or perplexing life situation?  Perhaps you've done all you know to do, but the circumstances aren't improving and may even seem to be getting worse. Have you come to the realization that something has got to change?  Although that's a tough place to be, it's also the first step in moving toward real hope, healing, and transformation.  The journey requires great courage, perseverance, and effort, but the potential are profound! 
It is our privilege to offer affordable, professional counseling to meet a wide variety of needs.  We counsel women throughout the life cycle with an emphasis on help with relational difficulties (marital, parenting), anxiety, stress, grief, workplace challenges, spiritual struggles, and life transitions. 
Counseling of children is offered in conjunction with parenting/family counseling.  
As a certified facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH, Maureen De Jonge offers a customized, online couple assessment, in-depth, personalized feedback and tailor-made, relational skill-building instruction.  

Are you engaged or thinking of becoming engaged?  This is the type of practical, customized, Premarital Counseling you may be looking for! 

For married couples, a Marital Health Checkup is an important part of nurturing and growing a vibrant, healthy marriage. 
Concerned about the cost of counseling?  We will go the extra mile to work within your budget.  Please see our fee page for more information.

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